Wednesday, November 17, 2010

SJ's Re-Adoption Day... B&W Wed

Today was a 'sweet' day for SJ~
Re-Adoption Day...

Re-Adoption is not a requirement when both parents
travel to China for adoption
but is helpful for a few reasons:
~ Enables you to specify your child's name exactly
~ Allows the child to have a birth certificate in English
because if the foreign BC was ever misplaced,
it would be very hard to replace
~ Allows you to receive a final decree of adoption from the US
~ US documents are easily replaced... not so with foreign ones.

The beauty of the whole thing...
you can file the petition "pro se"~
(without legal counsel)
and that is just what we did today for SJ.

We were scheduled for court @ 9:30
and were led into Judge Bailey's chambers.
He looked over the documents since we were "pro se"
and approved everything signing our petition.
The whole very formal and legal meeting
took about 5 minutes...
and we were on to my favorite part~
the photos.
We thanked Judge Bailey and he so graciously said,
"It was my pleasure.
This is one of the only happy things I ever get to do in court."

Aunt Susan and Uncle Tony (Chief Magistrate Judge)
were able to be there...

and so was my mom. :)

The only part missing from this shot was our sweet Nana.

If Scott and I have said it once,
we have said 1000 times~
We don't know what we would do
if we didn't have the littles...
the bigs are gone so much our nest would be empty
WAY too soon!!!

Here is the guest of honor~
SJ herself... Judge Bailey gave her a little treat
for doing so well and smiling for the pics.

After filing everything with the Clerk of Court,
the girls were excited to get outside...

then head for home. :)

for a little blast from the past~
Here are the girls on the day we Re-Adopted EK.

EK and Judge Jackson

Our family photo way back on Oct 24, 2006.
WOW... seems so long ago and yet just yesterday. :)


  1. Congrats! What a sweet time. Love those retro pics of EK. So precious.

    We haven't even started our paperwork yet. :(

  2. Congratulations on SJ's special day. Shay, you look so lovely and trim in that pretty grey dress.

    Love the pictures of EK's day in 2006. She was so darling... look at those chubby cheeks!

  3. I love the photos!!! Oh my little precious!!Time does fly. I guess we need to make sure everyday is filled with love for each other!!
    I love you

  4. Congratulations on the re-adoption! Your black and white is perfect and the color pop is perfect!

  5. Congratulations! Your BW is so cool and you have a beautiful family.

    Erika B

  6. congratulations, what lovely shots.

  7. What a happy, happy day! Congratulations to your sweet gal!

  8. Welll, Nana was missing AND your oldest daughter!!!!!

    I love the family pictures from Re-Adoption Day and I LOVE the flashback! Can you believe it? EK was & IS such a pretty little peanut!

  9. CONGRATULATIONS!! What a beautiful day for your family so perfectly captured:)

    We are working on our readoption now too!

    Hope you are well and getting ready for this special holiday season with your family.



  10. Congratulations! A huge weight must be off your shoulders. Oh, and my husbands heart is softening. He is at least talking to me now about adoption. If we get closer to making a decision I will contact your for information.

  11. What a special day, loved the memories you shared too. (We need to do ours soon also...thanks for the reminder.) Your girls are all so beautiful!