Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Home School & a Package

School is going well for the most part~
now that Jing has some sense of her life now
and we are in a somewhat routine.
Today when EK chose to write about our Christmas tree
Jing said, "I make a 'Chris-a-mas' tree too."
Thought it was the perfect time to work on shapes
so I drew one thing at a time and she colored~
then got to add the sequins.
She was very diligent and SO proud when finished.
When we were dressed and back in the kitchen for lunch,
Jing picked up her tree and said,
"I show Baba he get home. Be right back."
Just look how proud she is of herself.

Then we spied the UPS truck coming down the driveway~
you may remember from last Christmas
how much I love to see the brown truck! :)
He brought a sweet package from Jing's new friend
from China Olivia and her mom Robin.
She sent two gifts from Red Thread Maps~
A Putian City bear and tile with a Fujian map.
She loves them both
and the girls have already dressed the bear in a dress.
The tile map is in their 'China' cabinet safe and sound. :)


  1. I just love her language development. So sweet :-)

  2. Oh...that big brown truck sure can hold some happiness! :) Your girls are adorable...love their trees! It is so good to see your baby home!!!

    Love and blessings,

  3. Love the Christmas trees! Glad it's going so well. I gotta get some of those sequins. Max made one today with pom poms. :>)