Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fruit of the Labor

It's one thing for the girls to get along
(most of the time)
and take care of each other here at home
(some of the time)
but oh so sweet when you are able
to see the Fruit of the Labor when out and about.
Saturday was one such day
when we were invited to Madelyn's 5th bd party.

The girls went in very quiet and took a minute
to get comfortable being there.
This was the first time some of my friends
had met SJ
so she was quite the spectacle of attention.

EK had a ball jumping and sliding with her friends!
Madelyn, Lyra Kate, and Myla~ EK & Rachel

The sweetest thing of the whole day
was watching EK take care of SJ~
the kids were playing duck duck goose
and EK sat SJ very close to her
and helped her feel safe and secure.
I couldn't have been prouder!!!

And when it was time to eat,
SJ made sure she saved a seat right by her for EK.

We are so blessed to live very close to two other families
that have daughters from China.
We had to get our 'red couch' pic
of them together for the first time with SJ!
Madelyn, Myla, SJ, and EK

Happy birthday Madelyn~
thank you for inviting us to your party.
We really enjoyed being with everyone!!!


  1. So sweet that you were able to see the fruits of your labor at the party. I'm sure that EK has learned from watching her mama leading by example.

  2. Oh my, the two girls smack-dab next to each other during duck-duck-goose just stole my heart! I love how they (most of the time!) get along so sweetly.

    Okay, and I just HAVE to ask. Where did you find those darling outfits? I know a certain little gal that would love love love them!

  3. That is so sweet! You must just feel incredibly blessed that your little girls are just the best of friends - is your heart just overflowing!!!!

  4. That's wonderful. A great reflection on your parenting.