Sunday, October 31, 2010

SJ's First Dentist Visit

I haven't shared that much about Jing's needs
other than her heart~
but she has some pretty major dental issues.
Most all of her molars have really dark cavities
and some in between her teeth.
I had know all along we would need to address this
but not until surgery and recovery was behind us.

In the last few weeks,
she has started to wince just a little when I brush
so guessed it was time to make a dental visit.
I searched online to find a pediatric dentist
affiliated with Egleston~
there were a lot so I just picked one.
Mustard Seed Pediatric Denistry

Because of her TOF,
I had to give her an antibiotic one hour before her appt.
This is the face she gave me
when I had to force her to take it~
remember she hates taking medicine!!!

The office was VERY fun and kid friendly...
both girls liked the waiting area...

BUT moving to the back was a different story.
This was the first time EK had ever had xrays taken
of her teeth and in hindsight...
that is a major bad on my part.
I should have had our other dentist do this way before now
but I guess I just thought they would
when necessary...
as a result she has some dental work that has to be done too.

But this post is about Jing...
she got pretty upset because EK was crying
and couldn't understand why.
She was finally able to calm down
while watching EK's exam...
And EK agreed that maybe it wasn't all that bad...

Dr. Kim had me sit with Jing
so I handed my camera off to my little assistant EK.
I think she did a pretty awesome job!!!
I took this one...
Jing has about 8 cavities that they could see
with no xrays.
She will have to go to Egleston for her dental work
because they have to put her to sleep...
I won't lie~ that scares me but I know
she will do great just like she did with her heart.

They were both happy when Dr. Kim
gave them a token for the Surprise Tower.

All in all it was a good visit
mainly because they both walked out happy and smiling
BUT once again we have some major appts
ahead of us.
I've already been praying it will all go
just as God has planned
and He will give this mama strength!!!
Jer. 29:11

PS... Words of encouragement would be greatly appreciated!!!


  1. I love SJ's scowls that she can give. Her little personality is precious. Sorry about all the dental ahead for you. Out of all the doctors the dental ones are our least favorite too.

  2. Oh my friend!!!!!!! I am so sorry, I dread the dentist, even more with kids. Praying for you that the Lord will bring peace and His mighty hand will guide you guys through this!

  3. How lucky you are that your hospital is affiliated with such a nice pediatric dental office. I love JingJing's "mad" face... she is funny. I'm sorry to hear that she has to have anesthesia, but it really is the best with all those cavities. Bless her heart... and yours, too.

  4. I think it is hilarious when Miss Jing gives you her scowls!! It shows that she trusts you enough to share how she really feels!! And she is still super adorable when she flashes you "the look" :)

    Man, oh man. I am sorry that your babies have to have dental work - just have some peace in knowing that you are helping them - this is something they NEED, for their health. and hopefully, from here on out - it will be a little smoother sailing!

    I love the name of the dental office! Oh what can be done with a little mustard seed!


  5. Glad it went relatively well. We did not have the same experience with a pediatric dentistry so Aidan goes to my dentist. My carpool mate is now a math teacher but is still a hygienist and I can tell you that pediatric doesn't always mean that they are better with kids. So congratulations on a good find, and congratulations on them letting you stay in the room. That is definitely not encouraged at most dentist offices. So you should find all of this encouraging. One thing I would also ask, if I were you, is whether or not any of these can go without treatment? For example, can they be watched for six months to see if they stay the same size or grow more? Are any of these teeth going to be falling out within the next couple of years? I know that you don't want her in pain, but with her heart I'm sure you want to avoid any lengthy procedures, too. Maybe not all of them are urgent.

  6. I completely understand how you feel about what it coming up. I am so glad that they are going to put her under for that much work! You know already that she doesn't have any allergies or weird reactions to anesthesia, so that is good. It would be so much worse for her to be awake and get the shots...and you to be holding her hands while she is screaming! I did this with Grady when he had his front teeth taken out last month, it was awful!
    What does EK have to have done? And do you have any answers as to why SJ's teeth are so bad? She isn't that old...we have our kids go for the first time once they turn three...makes me wonder if I should have them go sooner?
    Also, :) we let Grady pick out what the present he wanted to get for having it done and we printed a picture of it for him to hold while he was in the office. Then after, we went and bought it right away...even though he was groggy and VERY cross! It will be OK!!!

  7. haha, words of encourgement coming straight up! :)

    God WILL give you the strength! these cavaties are no surprise to Him. the need for "surgery" is no surprise to Him. He's got this covered! He who began a good work in Shaylee Joy will be faithful to complete it!

    ps - was wondering if you call her shaylee yet? how is that transition going. i am having the hardest time going from lulu to eve!

  8. Shay, I feel for you. Tia had to have 3 crowns - and they had to put her under. (no fun and a bit scary for me!) I guess dental problems go with heart problems - or so the dentist told us! Tia did okay and they sealed the good teeth so they have not had any problems since then. Sending hugs and prayers for easy as possible procedures! I'll call you this week. xo ellie

  9. Shay,
    God has and always will take care of you and your babies!!

    Can some of the restorations wait and see. Sometimes you can just hold off until they fall out..of course I don't know the extent of the decay but if you can do as little as possible that would be better.I worked in a dental office for 20 years and seen minor work done to hold off if they were going to come out in a few years.

  10. Encouragement coming your way!

    Man, I am sure that was a hard visit. As others have said, God has been in the details from day one. He is IN THIS too, even though it is hard. Release their care and provision over to Him, and just ask for strength.

    Those looks from Jing are precious, even though she is scowling!

  11. I'm glad that's over and done with and I know everything will go ok when the times comes for the two of them!! It'll definitely be hard but God will put the right people there to take care of them! I'm sure you'll give them a nice reward afterward, too! :>)

  12. You know that Alaina had the same exact dental procedure done at CHOA. She had 12 cavities -- basically every single molar and canine tooth AND the 2 fronts were extracted because of decay. It was just SO nice to have it DONE and not have to make 4 trips to the regular dentist. She will do fine. Alaina (also having had heart surgery) just had to take her antibiotics before the procedure -- they gave them to her in her IV.

  13. So sorry that there is so much dental work ahead but will be praying that God will give each of you the comfort and peace through it all !!