Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Halloween was another first for SJ~
and she loved it because she loves anything EK does. :)
Our town celebrated on Saturday night
and we began our festivities with a visit to my mom and dad's.
The girls laughed so hard
when Chicken Little (Max) answered the door.
It was a very fun stop because they all got lots of candy
and daddy gave them all a flashlight~
now that is the best... came in handy too!

Last year, EK wanted to be Ariel for Halloween
but by the time it came around,
she had changed her mind and wanted to be Belle.
This year she went back to the mermaid costume
and she was SO cute!!!
SJ wore EK's ladybug costume which fit her perfectly
and was representative of her coming home only 6 weeks ago.
Rosie went with us to take the littles T-O-T.
We took them to Susan and Tony's neighborhood
and ran into our sweet friends~
Rachel being one of EK's BFFs.
They had so much fun running from house to house
or riding in the wagon.
It turned out to be a very fun night
and ended with dinner @ Dairy Queen~
then home for baths and bed!
I hope everyone else had a Happy Halloween too!
Before you know it,
we will turn around and it will be Thanksgiving!
Happy first day of November!!!


  1. That LadyBug TuTu is ADORABLE!!!! Happy First Hallowween to SJ!!!
    Aren't these firsts fun with these older girls!! :)


  2. How can it only be six weeks? Glad SJ had fun. EK is a very glamorous mermaid.

  3. Loved all your pictures! We had a great time trick-or-treating with you guys and eating dinner. It was so much fun! I love Halloween but I'm ok that it's over...because that means Thanksgiving and Christmas are next. won't be too bad because I'll have a baby girl to look forward, too! Ok...this is a long comment.

  4. .....and your ladybug is absolutley adorable. Really incredible it has only been 6 weeks since you have been home. I check on you everyday and pray for all of you. You and your sweet family are an inspiration. You have touched my heart that maybe we should consider another. I know your blog is ministering to others as well.

    I take Miss L.L. to the neurologist tomorrow. I'm at peace.

    Have a victorious day! Beth