Tuesday, October 19, 2010

SJ Skyped Tonight...

Our friends The Sinclairs are in Fuzhou
and have precious Collins (MingJiao).
When Allison showed Collins SJ's picture,
she called SJ Jie Jie (big sister).
That is just the sweetest thought~
SJ the Jie Jie and Collins the Mei Mei...
forever connected by Putian City, China.

Anyway, I got a message tonight from Allison
saying she wanted to let the girls Skype.
We didn't think ahead and video
BUT we will next time...
I did get a couple of pics of both ends.

SJ just stared at Collins as if she knew her...

and Collins definitely acted excited to see JingJing.
Collins LOVES Hello Kitty stickers
and has one stuck to her forehead. :)

Allison, Jerod, and Collins were able to travel with Isabell
to Putian City to the orphanage yesterday.
She talked about it briefly
but did say she shot lots of video and pics.
She was also able to find SJ's finding place
and took pics of that for us.
(For those not familiar with adoption in China~
the children are abandoned and left in a finding place...
the place they are found and taken to local officials.)

When Allison got Collins on Sunday,
she noticed the orphanage staff explaining in detail
to Isabell about a little red box they had for Collins.
It was actually a box that held the finding clothes
Collins had on when she was found and brought to the O.
They also said they had something for JingJing's family~
A little red box with HER finding clothes too!!!
and the inscription on the box read
"Sweet Heart Forever"...
that being the perfect words for this treasure
because this whole journey has been completely about the

'A joyful HEART is good medicine'~ Psalm 17:22

'Every good and perfect gift is from above,
coming down from the Father of heavenly lights,
who does not change like shifting shadows.'~ James 1:17


  1. Wow! How amazing to be given SJ's finding clothes! And in such a perfectly labeled box! It's so thrilling to me when our kids are given access to some of the unknowns in their lives. So happy for you all!

  2. Did they give those to them to bring to you?!! amazing! I totally know what you mean about the journey being about the HEART! Tia's has been too :)

    What a gift to you and SJ!!! How very amazing and exciting - and wonderful!!!!

  3. What a darling finding outfit! JingJing will know she was loved when she sees that cute bear holding two hearts. (The two balloons reminded me of the ones you bought the girls in China.)

    So funny to see SJ staring at Collins. Maybe she was unsure because of that large sticker on her forehead. LOL Sweet Ella is helping her sister wave. How wonderful the girls can reconnect.

    BTW, I love your new header. What a wonderful family picture.

  4. Wow!!!! What a beautiful gift in SO, SO many ways!!!!!!!!

  5. How wonderful! Not only that her things were put away, but that someone you know should be there to receive them.