Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Highlight of EK's Weekend

My sister Marcia was here this weekend
with her two children, Becca and Sam.
Sam and EK are big buddies
and play outside pretty much the whole time~
riding in the golf cart, playing in the playhouse,
and this time...
raking and jumping in the leaves!

How do I know this was the highlight of her weekend?
On Monday when she wrote in her journal,
she was quick to choose this as her topic.

The best of times spent with cousins!

And then there's SJ and Max...
who loved painting with water together!

And that completes the update for Saturday...
Sunday is yet to come. :)


  1. That first photo of SJ - OH MY! melts my heart :)

    Yay to EK for amazing journal entries at age 5!!

  2. Such cute pics! I remember how much I loved playing in the leaves when we were little. I also love EK's journal entry!