Monday, October 11, 2010

Home for a Month Today!

Home one month today...
everyone was back to school and work
so we decided it was time to get our new normal started
with a new routine and schedule.
After dressing, making beds, and starting some laundry,
time for back to school for EK...
she really hadn't missed a beat~
remembered all her sight words and wrote a very sweet story
among other things.

The tricky part was keeping Jing engaged
which she did pretty well on her own.
Here she is under the table playing with Unifix Cubes. :)

And when she was tired of that
I found her by the reading basket enjoying a book.

OR making a mess...
Or just wanting to sit in my lap.
All in all it was a successful day for both EK

and Jing!

They both made letter and word necklaces
to show Baba~ whom they miss SO much today!!!

After a couple of hours of school,
I was determined to get out for a bit of exercise!
I packed the girls in the wagon with snacks and books
and walked for about 30 min~
felt SO good to get out for some fresh air!!!

And just in case you think I have it ALL together
and made this cute Bento lunch for the girls...

I had to take a check to the bank for Scott
and my car mysteriously pulled into...

and guess what Jing said???
"Happy meal!"
Hmmmm... have we been coming here too much?
And to make myself feel better about it~
a little of the proceeds from every Happy Meal
goes to the Ronald McDonald House.
Just trying to give back. :)

Back home to eat lunch
and now rest/nap time (ME time)!
That's why I have time to be on here blogging.
Not even going to try to plan the afternoon
other than some chores to get done (dusting)
and some outside time!
Hmmm... guess I better think about dinner too.:)

PS... Can't believe it has been a month home~
seems like just yesterday and yet like we have had
Jing forever!!!


  1. Happy Anniversary! A month already?....SO happy your little Shaylee is home!!! God is good!

    Love and blessings,

  2. I'm so happy for you that life is finally "normal" again, how great that must feel!

  3. Wow-it really doesn't seem like that is all. What an amazing adjustment in a short period of time.

  4. Happy One Month to all of you!! I am loving your blog with all those precious photos.I love all of you!!!!

  5. Congrats on a month home! It sounds like you had a great 'first day back to school' for both girls!

  6. Bento box or not, you are one organized mom!
    I've been wondering how much English Jing has picked up. Never would have imagined "H@ppy Me@l" would be in her vocabulary so soon! LOL