Saturday, September 4, 2010

Travel to Guangzhou

We have met the sweetest family from Louisiana

and their girls are the same age as ours.

Here are the girls waiting to leave for airport.

Here we are with our precious guide Isabell.
Scott and I both had big tears in our eyes when we had to say goodbye to her!!!

SJ’s first airplane ride which was very bumpy due to the typhoon.

We were SO thankful to land and get to our hotel around midnight!!!

The Garden Hotel is amazing!!!

We are SO thankful we are staying here~ lots to do and great places to eat!

When we got into our room, EK was already asleep so we put her to bed

And SJ crawled up on the sofa and leaned back as if to say, “We made it!”


  1. Happy to see you made it safe and sound. I hope it doesn't rain on you guys everyday while you are in GZ. Tell Ann I said hello and that I will see her next year :)

  2. Glad you made it! I would have been scared in the bumpy plane ride. That last picture of SJ is a hoot! :)


  3. So happy to see you made it to GZ :) Isn't it nice? Probably feels kind of like "home" to you :) Glad that you have met another sweet family - it always makes the trip so much nicer when you have some enjoyable company!

  4. Ha! Love it! my teen would she's been there all along! Too sweet!

  5. So so glad to see you safe, comfy and happy in the Garden Hotel! I miss it! :)
    I am getting more and more excited to meet little SJ in person. Can't wait to follow the last part of your journey.

  6. So glad you like your hotel and got their safely. Looks like the girls are sleeping well :)Can't wait to see your adventures there - so sorry about the Typhoon weather!