Saturday, September 4, 2010

Medical Exam

We had to be up and ready to leave the hotel by 9 am today.

Our sweet guide Aaron met us in the lobby and we loaded the bus.

We made it to the Shamian Island around 9:45 for the visa photo

And then to the medical exam building for the worst part of the trip.

I really don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say there were 50 kids there

Plus their families going through the process.

We were taken to the back by our guide for the three stations:

Weight/ height, exam, and ENT.

The very same dr that examined EK in 2006 was still there and saw SJ.

He was so sweet to her and made me feel at ease~ especially with her heart.

We made it through all the stations and then came the immunizations.

SJ came out on the good side~ only had to have 4 plus the TB screening

But other children in our group had to have 6 and 7 shots.

It is the worst part of the whole adoption experience!!!

No way to prepare them for what is to happen

Or even a good reason WHY we are having to do it.

SO hope legislation is passed soon to stop this crazy part of the Hague requirements!!!

We didn’t leave there until around 1:30!!! CRAZY!!!

Got back to the hotel and had lunch then a nap.

Took the afternoon to rest, relax, and bond with SJ.

She is doing so well~ still crying when she wakes up but happy during the day.

EK is doing great too! Seeing signs of her starting to bond with SJ too.

Tonight when we were all ready for bed, we were sitting on the sofa

And EK reached over and touched SJ’s hand. Major and sweet! So thankful!!!


  1. The immunizations makes me so sad! And angry!! What a trooper ShayleeJoy was & is!! I am so happy to hear that she is doing better and better every day!! Does my heart good!

  2. Those immunizations are so irritating! I can't imagine being in that crowded little clinic for so long, either. Ugh!

  3. Poor baby. Did you notice if older kids needed as many shots as the younger ones? Our daughter will be 6-1/2 or 7 when she comes home, so I'm wondering if there is much difference.

  4. The immunizations are what I dread most! Those poor babies! Now on a positive note, I'm so glad to hear that SJ is doing well...especially in bonding with EK. I think that's going to be a strong bond over years to come!