Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Excellent Report

One week ago today Jing had open heart for a TOF repair
and we had our follow up appt @ Egleston today.
Scott and I wondered how she would react...
as soon as we got to registration,
she started the whimpering so I tried to divert her attention.

When we arrived upstairs for the echo
(and saw all the white coats)
she began full fledged crying.
I was finally able to quiet her down by singing all our songs~
her favorites being...
Twinkle, Twinkle
The Bear Went Over the Mountain
Eensy Weensy Spider
Jesus Loves Me.

We then moved to x-ray with the sweetest tech
and that went off without a hitch.
Next was our surgeon appt
and we had to wait just a little while.
We were finally called back and again~ the white coats.
I mentioned to them about her 'phobia'
and you know what every one of them did?
TOOK THEM OFF~ even the surgeon.

The nurse practitioners came in
and took out the stitches and pulled off the steri strips.
The incision looks GREAT!
Jing didn't make a peep.
Our cardiologist and surgeon came in to check her
and she didn't make a peep.
Echo and x-ray looked perfect~
except for a watch they have on her pulmonary arteries.
Dr. Kanter actually said,
"Let that girl do whatever she wants except drive a car."
We couldn't have asked for a better report!!!
You can see from the pics below...
Jing was happy when we were back downstairs
and on the way home.

Once home, the girls were off to play...
the piano,
and watch a little tv...
When I tried to take a pic~ this is what Jing copied EK doing.
They finally gave me a little grin.
We also came home to a big surprise
by our outside door...
a cookie bouquet from my sweet friend Ashley!!!
Jing LOVED the packing once again. :)
Can't wait to try one of those cookies with my coffee.
I think coming home today really was a happy day for Jing!


  1. Amazing that she is "all better" now. Broken hearts become brand new!!

  2. Loved reading your post, sounds like she's doing fabulously well!!!

    And I smiled when I read how the surgeons took off their white coats! They get it. :)

  3. Whoooo hoooo! So happy to hear the great report!

  4. What a wonderful report! Yay!!! Love seeing those happy girls!

  5. Jumping up and down with joy!!!

    I, too, felt that "set back to day one" come from Max when we had his surgery only one month after coming home from China. Being in that transitional stage is hard enough, but then throw in surgery and/or complex health issues... You are sooo "there" with your strength and patience with His help...and in time and with each day it all evolves. I stand in awe at the evidence of His work.