Monday, August 30, 2010

Trip to Walmart

We made a trip to Walmart on the way back to the hotel.
We needed water and DIET COKE~
actually Coke Light here but OH SO GOOD!!!

Isabel pulled out a cart for us
and wanted me to put SJ in for a ride...
she would have no part of me putting her down. :)

We LOVED the brightness in the store!
So sweet how the ladies smiled when Scott took this pic.

EK had to go to the bathroom SO bad
and the only choice was a squat potty...
in a Walmart...
and I couldn't take her holding SJ...
so Scott had to take her in the men's room~
He said not to even ask. YUCK!!!
He was the DAD today!!! :)


  1. The Walmart bathroom was the very worst one we ever saw. Sam Walton would have been appalled! Other than the bathrooms we loved going to W'mart.

    On to better things - they are both so cute in their matching outfits. I would expect nothing less!

  2. Poor Scott and EK! I have to say that was the one thing I dreaded and thankfully never had to do! Loved the Wal Mart though! It's so great that she is wanting you to hold her so much. Hope your arms and back hold out. LOL


  3. Still cannot believe that you have precious Shaylee Joy! So thankful that things seem to be going pretty well. Please tell EK that we are so proud of her! I am praying for your arms and back. I had to constantly hold Madelyn and I know how difficult that is on your body.

    Cannot wait to get you all back to Hartwell!!


  4. Who knew China could be so... American!? Walmart, Pizza Hut, Disney World... Its funny to see how at home you can be while being SO far away.
    Squatty potties are NOT part of our trip to Ukraine that I am looking forward to... ewwwww

  5. Oh no! Bathrooms! Yuck!

    Love that SJ is clinging to you so!

  6. All those matching dresses and bows are just precious! Guess I'm glad we didn't have to use the bathrooms at WM! Yuck!