Monday, August 30, 2010

Forever Family Day

Today we were up at 5:30 again...
all except SJ~ she made it to 6:20ish
and slept amazingly well.
Went down about 9
and really didn't move all that much all night.

Before we give the impression that everything
is just going off without a hitch,
SJ is having moments of grief~ little whimpers
and BIG crocodile tears...
especially when we do something new
or leave the room.
That is a very positive sign for us
and she always comes to me for comfort.
She holds her arms up and wants me to hold her.

No bathtub in our room so we gave the girls splash baths.
SJ wasn't so sure about it
but when I handed her the sprayer... she smiled. :)

We had another yummy breakfast.
SJ ate two pieces of toast, watermelon, congee, cherrios, & OJ.
Our guide, Isabel met us in the lobby
and we were off to the Civil Affairs building to make
our adoption official and final.

SJ was very serious the whole morning~
especially when we walked up to the building
and she saw all the people that had dropped her off yesterday.
She held on to me even when they tried to take her.

Here we are with the people who came from the orphanage...
the head orphanage nanny, assistant orphanage director,
and the doctor on staff.
They were so sweet and wanted to know all about her night.
They shared some very touching info with us
and we were so appreciative.
It was hard to for them to leave us
but they did first and then we were off to the notary office.

Officially ShayleeJoy's forever family!!!
God is so good all the time!!!

Have you ever seen such a proud sister???


  1. It feels to good to be past that first "official" step! Congrats!

  2. She is just too sweet. I love the look in EK's eyes. She is being an awesome big sister, I can tell.
    Love .

  3. you ALL look so proud :) love your coordinating outfits :) It really does sound like everything is going amazingly! God is so faithful! (and your girls are both just gorgeous!)

  4. I'm so glad to hear how EK loves her Mei Mei. I know she is being a big help for her. It sounds like the bonding is coming along well too. Cute dresses too!


  5. Things do sound so very positive! I know your heart must just explode every time she wants you to hold her. You've been saving so much love for her all this time that you couldn't hold her in your arms! Very sweet that the orphanage officials seemed to care so much for SJ. I always think it's a relief to know they were loved and cared for before they joined our families.

  6. Wonderful news. I remember those first few days, bittersweet. :)

  7. Oh! I've got chills and happy tears!!! Rejoicing with you, my sweet friend!!!

  8. Another beautiful girl added to your family - so happy for you! Love the matching dresses!

  9. Sounds like Shaylee is really bonding already to you, that's so wonderful! I'm so happy for you guys and glad you had a great day. Congrats on officially becoming her forever family!

  10. I'm so glad things are going well. The grief is to be expected, so relish the happy moments. I am not sure which day is your FFD, but it is real close to Pearl's which is August 29th. China can sure be hot in August. Take care and keep cool as I recall our August days in China.