Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Such a Beautiful Voice...

Our family was so blessed to travel to Kingston, Ga
for "A Musical Offering" featuring Joshua Aaron Dove, Tenor
and his college professor Susan E. Naylor, Pianist.
To say Josh's voice is beautiful is a huge understatement...
it is big and full and heart felt and moves me to tears.
I have lots of pics but really WISH you could HEAR him!
Video shot did not transfer to computer... :(

Josh and Ms. Naylor
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 012-2

Josh and his mom/dad, Barbara & Ben
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 019-2

The Adorable Couple!
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 022-2

The Beautiful Chicks:)
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 021-2

Sweet friends from Cartersville- Lisa, Thomas, Walter, & Jake
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 025-2

EK loved standing on the vent so her dress would blow
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 028-2

Best friend and roommate: Robbie
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 031-2

Josh's fan club
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 034-2

EK says she loves her big big brother! :)
6-27-10 Josh's Concert 036-2


  1. was there a link to hear Josh?? I thought maybe I missed it?!

    Gorgeous pictures of your girly girls (the fan club)


  2. It is so great to see a picture of Lisa and Thomas and family. I didn't realize they were in Cartersville. Give them a big hug from me!