Monday, June 28, 2010

Big Step!!! I800 Approval!!!

Just got off the phone with USCIS (immigration services)
& our I800 application was approved TODAY!!!
Another semi-major step in this process.

From here, our approval notice is mailed to the NVC
(natl visa center) in Washington, DC.
A copy will also be sent to us.
They should receive it by the end of the week.

The NVC will cable the approval to the Consulate in Guangzhou, China.
The next step is waiting for the Article 5.

Basically, the Article 5 signifies that the US Consulate
agrees that the child you are seeking to adopt
qualifies as an "orphan" under the Hague Convention
and is therefore legally free to be adopted internationally.

Then, we wait for the TA~ travel approval.
I just called my friend Donna and she predicts it will come on Aug 9th
then traveling about 2 weeks after that.

Request: If you or someone you know
would be willing to donate frequent flyer miles,
we would be forever grateful!!!
Airfare right now is astronomical...

Just think... in about a month and a half,
we will be headed to get our precious forever daughter...
ShayleeJoy JingJing Ankerich.



  1. I'd call that MAJOR! Each step gets you closer! Now do you have to do the 800A? We were on the fore-front of that 800 stuff and getting any answer was a miracle in itself! They did not have a clue when all of the Hague stuff was new - hope that has changed...

  2. Yeah! One step closer to that sweet girl! Can't wait to be a part of this experience with you guys once again!

  3. Congratulations, Sharon! Can't wait to see pictures of her in your arms!

  4. Yay!!! Can't wait for you to travel!!!

  5. Sharon,
    First of all, congratulations!
    Second, there are programs at most airlines for frequent flyer donations for specific needs. I don't know what all of them have, but American Airlines has a program called Donate Miles to Kids where people can donate their mileage for the travel of children and families for seriously ill children. I don't know what Shaylee's SN is, so she may not qualify, but it might be worth checking with them and other airlines to see who offers something like this. I know the summer rates are outrageous.

  6. Me again-
    I love research, so I checked and found out that British Airways offers a 65% discount to adoptive parents for travel and 50% discount for the child. Northwest also offers 65% discount on adult fares and their program is called Northwest Airlines' Special Delivery. British Air travels to Hong Kong and Shanghai. Northwest, now merged with Delta, flies to multiple locations.
    Good luck,

  7. Congrats! We received our approval on 6/24 and got the letter(provisional approval) in the mail today, much earlier than I thought. Trying to keep up with everyone that is running on the same timeline. We are getting our little girl from Tianjin. Hope we can meet up in GZ.
    Monica (blog:

  8. So exciting! Do you know how long the wait typically is for Article 5?

    So excited that we'll be holding our girls soon!

  9. Oh my goodness! I am SO happy for you. She is lovely. Absolutely lovely : ) Congratulations. Wishing you all the best on your journey to your baby girl : )

  10. I'm SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO excited!!!!