Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Butterflies in my Stomach

Today after our walk,
EK and I changed into swimsuits and jumped into the pool to cool off.
We had gotten out and a conversation ensued...

EK: What was it like when you were a little girl like me?
Me: Oh I mostly played outside.
EK: Did you have a bike?
Me: Yes.
EK: A ball?
Me: Yes.
EK: Did you grow in a tummy or in China like me?
Me: I grew in a tummy.
EK: But I grew in China right?
Me: Yes.
EK: Did I grow in a tummy?
Me: Yes.
(Butterflies in my stomach and anticipating millions of other questions)

6-3-10 Eyes and Lake 035 Watermark

But that was the end... no more questions for now
and no more info offered from me.
I know in due time we will get there
but for now that was enough.

I also know whether she grew in my tummy or my heart...
there is NO difference for this mommy.
She is my precious daughter
and I am thankful for every amazing day with her forever!!!
After all... I am her Forever Mommy!!!



  1. Those are lovely times, aren't they, these conversations that are partial and to be continued at a later date? Every now and then Aidan asks something, then seems content to ponder the answers for a while, only to pick up on the same thread later on as if we were still having the same conversation with no break. Parenting these beautiful children is such a privilege :-)

  2. You are doing a wonderful job letting her know she is loved so, so much. But, you know there will be questions and perhaps hard questions in the future. Hard but miraculous. What a miracle that EK's birthmother had the courage to give her up, not to ever know her, and that God orchestrated everything perfectly for her to be yours! Birthmothers have to be some of the strongest people on the planet.

  3. They do ask at the strangest times. Just the other day, Sheridan was coloring a picture of gladiators after our history lesson and out popped three or four questions about his birth mother. That was it and then off to discuss what color the gladiator's sword should be!

  4. Do you remember me telling you that Joe asked if he was adopted? He's been home for EIGHT YEARS!! We never know what is in their minds, we just have to walk through this with them...just like you are doing! Having SJ will help too, I think.


  5. Our 7 year old never asks questions . . . it is so strange to even talk about it because, as you say, My heart is exactly the same towards my little two as my other two. Love the photo of EK - you are getting so good :)

  6. The questions will come slowly. I think you did just perfect for now. :)

    Briana doesn't ask questions yet. She just makes comments about her foster mom and birth mom in China. She has mentioned that her foster mom took care of her in China until Daddy and I could come to get her. Things like that.

    You'll know what to say when more questions come. :)

  7. Once in awhile LiLi will talk about being in someone else's tummy. We just talk about it whenever she wants. I just tell her it was all in God's plan for us to be together. God knew who her birth mother would be and who her "Forever Mama" would be.

    Great picture! So simple and raw.