Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Black and White Wednesday: Our 24th Anniversary

Scott and I celebrated our 24th wedding anniversary Monday
with an afternoon on the lake
and dinner in Greenville that evening @ Smoke on the Water.

6-21-10 24th Anniversary 007 watermark B&W

As I reflect how couples make it 1, 5, 10, or 24 years...
I think it comes down to give and take with WAY more give!
Putting God first and foremost in our lives
and then each other...
allowing our children to see they come next in this hierarchy
only then do we strive to meet our own needs
taking us to the meaning of JOY in our family...
J~ Jesus
O~ Others
Y~ Yourself
When we love with this mindset,
our family is more likely to love wholeheartedly.

And then I'm right back to JOY...
a name we have given our precious daughter waiting in China.
It is not by chance we chose this name...
She is one of the gifts we have been blessed by
through the JOY we share as a family.

I am so thankful to be married to my very best friend
and someone I LOVE being with every single day.
I look forward to the next 24 filled with JOY.
Happy Anniversary sweetheart!!!


  1. Really captured the joy on your faces. Congratulations!

  2. Happy 24th Anniversary!!! Hope you celebrate until you can't celebrate anymore! :)

  3. Congradulations my sweet friend. I know we haven't met in person but we have met with our hearts. Happy Anniversary!

  4. So glad you had a great time! It's very clear the love you still have for each other after 24 years!

  5. Happy Anniversary!! You guys will inspire all your girls for sure!

  6. So perfectly said....... What a beautiful photo of you and your husband!! Happy Anniversary and may you have many many happy years to come:)