Thursday, May 20, 2010

Thankful Thursday: All Packed

It is no secret that EK LOVES her stuffed animals and plays with them all the time!
She wants one with her wherever she goes.
This morning she walked into the family room and announced,
"I finally figured out how to carry all my stuffed animals!"


She was totally serious and I just had to laugh and grab my camera :)
because it would take about 25 of these...


to transport all her stuffed animals.

I guess she had packing on her mind
because we unpacked from the beach last night.
She is VERY happy to be home!!!
And I am so thankful that she is really HOME
and look so forward to the day when sweet SJ is here too!


  1. That is hilarious!!! She's very resourceful!


  2. A and A play this game ALL THE TIME! They load up their doll strollers with as many animals as possible, then they load up their rolling suitcases and haul their goods up and down the halls - round and round!

  3. She is so cute and funny! So glad you all had fun! Can't wait to see your pictures!!!!