Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Glimpse of ShayleeJoy

Do you all remember back on March 19, my friend Beth had a vision about SJ???...

This morning I prayed specifically for SJ by name during my devotion time.
On my way to school as I was thinking about a million things, a vision of
her standing alone popped in my mind. Around her little body was a glowing
light. I believe with all my heart this vision was a sign to tell you that
SJ is fine. She is protected physically, emotionally, and spiritually until
her forever family arrives to get her.

This was a special incredible experience this morning for me. I couldn't
wait to get to school to share this with you!

I love you friend!!

On May 19, exactly two months later while sitting on the beach,
I received a text from my friend Amy that said...

I am at work but had to tell you my dream last night. I dreamed you and Shaylee were coming home. You were holding her and saying hi Shaylee, love you Shaylee, and you kept repeating her name so she would know it and your voice. She was hanging on to you arms wrapped tightly around your neck, hugging and loving on you.

Then my dream went back to the orphanage. She was in her bed with a peaceful, healthy look and smile, and a light around her. A beautiful sight!!!

I didn't want to wake up, wanted to keep dreaming-it was a wonderful dream.
I am not sure why I dreamed it but I wanted you to know about it.
You may think it is all silly but it was awesome for me!!!!

All I can say is thank you to both of my friends for thinking and praying for sweet SJ!
I am so very thankful that God is giving me Glimpses into her life
whether it be through pictures, visions, or dreams.

And lastly...
this morning while Scott was working from home,
he saw a deer walk up the side of our yard but we didn't get there in time to see.
About 30 min later he called for us to come quickly...
we ran to the window and look what we saw... the baby.




Made me think of sweet SJ...
Made EK very happy ~ you know the 'Animal Girl'!



  1. I believe God sends us sweet little glimpses to get us through the wait. Everyday is one day closer!


  2. I know God sends us signs and glimpses. You just have to open your eyes to see them. :) Beautiful post!

  3. WOW - look at that sweet deer! That is so neat and the picture is so clear! That's really cool about Amy's dream...I actually had a dream the other night too about you guys, but this one seems a little far-fetched. :>) I dreamed that you had a baby! And it was right before you were going to get Shaylee! HAHA!