Monday, May 10, 2010

A Lovely Mother's Day Weekend!

My Mother's Day weekend was one of the best because our family was together... the girls and my sister's family... all home. Saturday began with our yard sale- huge success and then home for a day around the pool. cookout,
and homemade ice cream!

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Sunday was filled with church, food, and family. Days like these are my favorite because lots of pictures are taken and memories are made.

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I LOVE Mother's Day... not because it's about me being a mom but more about the daughter's that have made me a mom. If ever I had a calling... it is to be a mom. Family is so important and my mom (top middle) is so precious to me. She taught me unconditional love above all else... and allows me to love my children the very same way. There is no higher calling...

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Our families: Marcia & Chris, Mama & her children, Jason & Amy

I LOVE everything about it. I love taking care of my family.

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I love listening the many stories the girls share.

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I love sharing in their interests and obsessions... :) LIZARDS!!!
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Ek has wanted to catch a lizard for weeks now and finally Sam was able to get her one. Can you see how much she loved it? She is such a little animal lover! Thanks Sam!!! :)

It was such a wonderful weekend and a reminder of the immeasurable blessings I have in my life. I want to say thank you to my precious husband who has always said yes when it came to our children... yes to Savannah, Amelia, Rosemary, EllaKate, ShayleeJoy... and my daddy who said yes to my mom!!!


The cards I received from each of the girls were so precious to me!
I will always cherish them!!!
The sweetest thought given to me in Scott's card was...
This time next year our ShayleeJoy will have her forever mom.

And with that comes thoughts of the two precious women far away in China that gave birth to my two beautiful daughters... without their selfless love, I wouldn't know the love of these two beautiful children. I pray God gives them peace that passes all understanding to KNOW their daughters are completely safe and loved beyond measure with an unconditional love given to me by my mom and my Savior, Jesus Christ. I praise Him for all He has chosen for me.

To Him be the glory for the things He has done
and continues to do in my life each day!!!



  1. Such a sweet day! I love the picture of you and Marcia laughing. Precious!

  2. What a beautiful post! Happy belated Mother's Day...won't next year be wonderful? Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my blog...I have been pretty slack with comments lately~