Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Home for Now...

I posted yesterday about Spitler family in Fujian adopting sweet Isaac and I have read every word written many times. Be sure to check with them... they have posted new pics!

Today I left a comment on their post and Sandy actually took the time to write me back. I am so humbled and thankful!!! I sent an album for Shaylee with them and in my heart wondered if Sandy would have the chance to deliver it. Today in the email she let me know she was able to give it to the Dr and orphanage director and they looked through it smiling!!! Here is the email...

Hi Sharon,
I gave the orphanage Dr. your photo album. The Dr., head nanny and orphanage asst. director all looked at each page talking and smiling. They will give it to her. With Isaac they went over our photo album every day and gave us some very sentimental gifts. I think there is a photo of her in the album they gave us of Isaac. She looks very healthy. I am so impressed with the love and care they give their children. If we go to Putian on Thursday i will try to get photos of your daughter. I'll ask the guide too but i don't think she'll see them unless we go to Putian. Blessings,

I am thinking today of Shaylee as she waits in Putian for her forever family. She is happy there... the home she has been in for her whole memory.

SJ's Orphanage-2-2

I wonder what she thinks when they show her the album and tell her about us. I pray she is having a happy and playful day. Here is the playground where they play... have fun sweet girl. We love you!!!




  1. What a special opportunity to know for certain that they are seeing and pleased with the photos you sent! Praying for your sweet girl, and for all of you!


  2. I am so glad your baby girl is going to get those photos. That is so wonderful!

  3. I remember waiting and waiting to go get our Pearl. Nothing was more satisfying than receiving her picture and an update. Enjoy this bit of information and let is sooth your anxiety. It won't be long now.

  4. AHHHHHH!!!!! That is amazing to have these nuggets of information about SJ :) And MAYBE they will meet her!! I absolutely cannot wait!