Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Defining Motherhood...

Kristen is doing a giveaway where you are supposed to link up pictures that define motherhood.

I am a very blessed mom!
Motherhood for me can be defined 3 different ways...

My three beautiful daughters that grew in my body and live here on earth.


My two precious babies that grew in my body and were healed in heaven and live there with Jesus.

And now my two adorable daughters from China that grew in my heart~
one with me now and one waiting for us in Fujian China.

Picnik collage

To me there is no difference when loving a child from your body or your heart...
it is just like the LOVE we receive from God.
He loves us all the same.

March 27 124

There is nothing more beautiful that the miracle of motherhood.
I am so very thankful to love and be loved by such beauty!!!
I am so thankful to be a mom!!!



  1. Love this! So sweet...Happy Mother's Day!!

  2. How gorgeous and blessed you are! I have 4 girls too! Happy Mother's Day!