Friday, April 23, 2010


Amelia played in the first round of state playoffs against Johns Creek on Wednesday. It would prove to be their last match of the year but you can't tell from their beautiful smiles, can you? This group of girls had the best sportsmanship and most positive attitude all season. They were quick to build each other up with just the right encouragement. And I would be remiss if I didn't mention their amazing Coach Burch who in Amelia's words is "The best coach in the world!".

4-21-10 A Tennis Pic
(Amelia, Sarah, and Nicole were chosen by other coaches for All-Region!)

Update on little Andrew:
read Never Too Many

Adoption News:
Scott, Savannah, Amelia, and I went for our fingerprint appointments today @ USCIS. We were in and out in about 30 minutes with only one little glitch but it turned out to be nothing. PTL! We are one step closer to SJ!!! We will receive our I797 that proves we have no criminal record and continue waiting on our LOA: Letter of Acceptance... letter from China saying they accept us to adopt SJ. We are on day 8 of our maybe 45-60 day wait. If we get it sooner, we will be extremely excited!!!



  1. I just found your blog. Your girls *are* lovely! I pray you get your "A's" quickly. It wasn't that long that we were waiting to travel,too. We brought our sweetie home from Beijing in August. I love following other families on their journey and meeting other Mama's, so please pop on over to see my princess.


  2. Very exciting to be one step closer to Shaylee Joy! I can' wait to meet her ;)