Thursday, April 8, 2010

EK's REAL Birthday!

Wednesday was EK's REAL birthday and she had a really fun day. I made her birthday pancakes with a candle and I sang HB to her.


Then Amelia surprised her with a very special gift! Because EK has always LOVED Amelia's fish so much, she bought EK her very own. EK just stared and really couldn't believe it was hers.


Really Mimi?

And her very own fish food!

One excited and happy girl!

Funny Story: We asked EK what she wanted to name her fish and she couldn't come up with a name. I suggested Bella since it rhymed with Ella and that was a go for about 2 hours. While on the way into Atlanta, the Blue Bell ice cream commercial came on and EK announced, "I am going to name my fish Blue Bell." I suggested Blue Bella.... NO- "It's my fish and I want her name to be Blue Bell." And that was that... EK's blue beta fish is named Blue Bell. Completely original and just perfect!

We went into Atlanta for an afternoon of birthday money spending and to meet daddy for dinner. When I asked EK where she wanted to eat dinner, there was NO hesitation... Red Lobster! Every time we ever ask her where she wants to eat she says this and we decided to take her. Although she does LOVE to eat shrimp, that's not the reason for RL... she wants to see the lobster tank. Just another clue that my child is animal crazy! :)


While in Target, we found the perfect home for Blue Bell. Here she is in her new home. I can't tell you how much EK LOVES her fish and enjoys talking to her, feeding her, and just watching her!



  1. Ha!! I think we have Blue Bell's brother (Frank the Fish) His home is not near as cute - he has a big SpongeBob in the bottom (ahhh, the difference between boys & girls!)

  2. I love "Blue Bell"! I'm glad that EK insisted on it. :)

  3. Happy Belated Birthday to your beautiful EK!!! We celebrated Pearl's birthday yesterday (and a roller-skating party tomorrow), but we don't know her exact birthdate. It's just a guess. Perhaps her real birthday is the same as EK's!

    I love Blue Bell! She's adorable. I like Red Lobster too.

  4. Glad you had a great day in ATL! And Blue Bell is beautiful!

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to EK! I've been preoccupied with some things going on in my life and I am now just catching up on blogs.