Wednesday, April 7, 2010

EK is 5!

As tradition would have it, we are in the middle of EK's birthday WEEK. We started Sunday with her family party and today is her REAL birthday and Friday she will celebrate with a few friends on a birthday outing.

Because Scott works in Atlanta and we wanted to do something on her special day, we are going into town for a little birthday money shopping and dinner at EK's favorite restaurant... Red Lobster- not because of the food but because they have a lobster tank. I LOVE how her little mind works. EVERY single time we ask her where she wants to eat, she says Red Lobster but we never go there. This morning when I asked where she wanted to eat for her bd, she didn't hesitate a second... Red Lobster! So that is where we are going! :)

Now to the best part of the post... EK's 5 birthdays so far. From baby to little girl... more beautiful with each passing year- inside and out!

Just home from a 36 hour flight from China to home.
1 Year Old
April Ella's BD party 016

2 Years Old- Easter Egg Hunt Party
4-07 Spring Break- Ella 2 BD 116

3 Years Old- Princess Party

4 Years Old- Horse Party

5 Years Old- TBA!!!

God is so good and I praise Him today for all my many blessings!!!



  1. Happy 5th Birthday EllaKate! May all your birthday wishes come true. Cindy

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday to a beautifual little girl!


  3. It is so nice that you HAD her for that first birthday party! Hope ya'll are doing well!

  4. I am glad to see that Ella is still VERY into her horses!! And what an awesome lineup of Birthday pictures! We, too, are blessed with pictures from every year of our girl's birthday! (even if the first 2 weren't with us)

    happy Birthday, EK - can't believe you are FIVE!!!!!!