Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun Time in Atlanta

Scott had to be in Atlanta for a conference Wed & Thurs so EK and I headed down to stay with him. It was Godly timing because I needed to take our dossier docs for certification anyway. Scott had abouta 45 minutes break during the morning Wed so EK and I picked him up at the hotel (in the POURING rain) and he drove us across town to the Secretary of State's office. I jumped out, ran in alone, and was out in 20 min flat with docs in hand allowing Scott to be back at his conference in perfect time. Like I said, it was all Godly timing.

After dropping Scott back at the conference, EK and I drove to Beverly's new house to hang out for the afternoon. We stopped for lunch on the way and ran into this sweet friend (small world). Bev is the friend I ran into at the White Swan when we were leaving China with EK and she was just getting to China for Emma. She is also the artist that painted the beautiful paintings I had on A Joyful Heart the past couple of weeks.


EK, Emma, and Shelby really had a fun time playing with EVERY toy they had. I enjoyed visiting with a very sweet friend I never get to see. We ended our visit with a great dinner at Shelby's favorite restaurant and headed back to the hotel downtown.


EK and I had a fun time hanging out in the hotel room. Scott was concerned that we wouldn't have anything to do while he was gone. I assured him we would be fine... EK could play in the tub with bubbles and toys or we could watch tv... This was a very modern hotel... no bath- just a shower with see through walls into the bed area and no kid shows on tv.


Being the family trying to save money, I wasn't going to pay for a movie BUT... what about those wonderful little snack areas they sit out on the cabinet to lure you into buying one of their high price snacks!!! EK could not get her mind off of it. I had snacks for us to eat but for some reason the hotel snacks just looked so much better. And YES, I did give in and let her have a small can of Pringles for the ridiculous price of $6. I know, I'm crazy and a push over. They were the best chips she has ever eaten! :)


We made it home safe and sound and I can say without a shadow of a doubt, there is no place like home especially when dad comes home too!



  1. it is so so hard to tell them no when they desire something...
    Ahhh I am sure our Heavenly Father feels the same way!:)

  2. What a crazy looking hotel room! Very modern is right. Glad you guys had fun.