Saturday, March 6, 2010

Amelia is 18!

Where do 18 years go so fast? It seems like yesterday I was staring into the face of this precious baby with tons of black hair!!!
Amelia baby

What can I say about Amelia? Isn't She Lovely???
~ She loves Jesus!
~ She is an AMAZING daughter!
~ She is a very sweet sister!
~ She has the kindest heart!
~ She is a say it like it is and honest as the day is long girl. :)
~ She is carefree and low maintenance.
~ She is very contentious and maticulous about her work.
~ She is a GOOD friend.
~ She is VERY neat and organized.
~ She is an artist.
~ She loves tennis- on tennis team.
~ She dislikes running but runs cross country for her coach!
~ She goes with the flow and doesn't make everything about herself.
~ She all about having FUN!!!
~ She makes us proud everyday of her life!!!

God blessed us immensely when He gave us the gift of Amelia Frances Ankerich!!! We love you so much sweet daughter of ours!!!

She has saved her money from holidays, her birthday and with a little help from her dad, they headed out this am to get the only thing she wanted for her birthday. Just wait until you see...



  1. Ooh, I can't wait to see what she wanted and got! Happy Bday Amelia!

  2. Happy 18th Birthday Amelia! May all your birthday wishes come true.

    Best wishes,

  3. I bet she had fun trying out her kayak yesterday. I'd love to do that!