Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Proud EK

EK spent a couple of hours with my mom this morning. She watched a show where they were wrapping presents and she wanted to do the same. My mom had some little jewelry boxes and asked EK if she would like to wrap them. Of course but not without something in them... so on the way home, she began to pull the boxes out and unwrap them. Inside were some 'beautiful' treasures. She didn't even know what they were... broaches. I showed her how to pin them on her coat so what do you think she wanted to do? Oh yes, she wanted to wear them both. And can I just say, she was SO proud walking through the store today. Thanks mom for making her so happy!!!

Taken with my IPhone

And now she is so excited about putting little things in the boxes and giving them to everyone. :)



  1. Hi Shay!
    Thank you for your note over at Pearl/Ruby! What a blessing for me to read!!! I pray that God reveals your new child very soon!!!!