Friday, January 29, 2010

Little Sick Girl

We have a very sick little girl today. She began running a fever yesterday morning and it got worse over the course of the day. It actually spiked to 104.6 in the night and back down to 103 this morning. I called our ped and took her in. Got to the dr and once they took her temp... 104.8, everyone began scrambling. They dosed her right away and had me put a cold cloth on her forehead. The nurse swabbed her throat because I suspected strep from the wonderful aroma coming from her breath... yuck! POSITIVE. Then a swab in the nose for flu... Negative but still possible. The doctor came in and listened to her breathing- fine but croupy. Then a look in the ears showed a double ear infection. So fever, croup, ear infections, strep, possible flu, and two scripts later, we are home by the fire! Stay clear of our house for a few days- we are in quarantine.

Here's a pic of her once we were home. Never know by really looking at her that she's sick. You know our tradition... a trip to dr for shots warrants a trip to Target for a toy. Well... don't you think two of those big long swabs halfway down your throat and one up both sides of your nose is the same as a shot??? I think so and it was the only way she was going to open wide enough to get a look. So we came home with a wonderful plastic snake and a beautiful flying horse she couldn't live without. She's resting comfortably on the sofa with lots of stuffed animals and blankets watching Max and Ruby... and hoping for a tiny bit of snow! :)




  1. Aw, that is a lot! Get well soon EK and hang in there Shay! There's nothing fun about a sick baby!

  2. Poor EK! I hope she feels better really soon!