Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Court is in Session...

The Honorable Judge Tony Welborn presiding as Chief Magistrate Court Judge. We were so honored to witness Tony (our brother-in-law) be sworn in as CMCJ today as a whole courtroom of people looked on. He and Susan were surrounded by family, friends, and supporters at a reception following the ceremony. It was such a proud day for their children, our family, and our county! Congratulations Tony and Susan- we are SO proud of you both!!!

Picnik collage

Scott and I helped set up for the reception and took pictures. Savannah and Rosemary stood at the guest book and then served tea. EK just enjoyed hanging out with her cousins. It was a very fun day!!!


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  1. Wow - what a big day!! I'll bet they were glad to have your family there to help out!