Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

Everyone gave me a hard time when I put my decorations up the first of November but now here we are after Christmas... and didn't it fly by? That's why I do it all so early- time to enjoy and not be rushed during the best time of the year! And the BEST it was... they get better every year.

It was so wonderful to have everyone home for the holidays. Marcia and kids came Tuesday and my mom had cataract surgery Wednesday (she has done very well!). We all spent tons of time together, eating our meals together, going to the movies, playing the Wii, drinking coffee, and just hanging out. Mill and Jake went on the their first real date Wed and I could barely breath as they drove away. They went to dinner and a movie. They had a great time!!!


Christmas morning was so great! Scott and I set our clock so we would be up before our little rooster (EK). We made coffee and it wasn't long before we heard her getting up. We sent her upstairs to wake her sisters and they all made their way downstairs for the reveal. Everyone loved their gifts from us and Santa. Lots of surprises. I think EK loved her easel the most. That is until Josh brought her the walking horse. Boy was she so excited and then there were the girls in their zebra snuggies- just look at that big laugh from Mill. We ate a delicious meal with all the fixings right down to the delicious yummies Amy brought over and the wonderful red velvet cake Jessie brought!!!



Jason and Amy said this was the best Christmas ever with Max... he LOVED all his new toys, especially his tractor.


Time with family was just the best! We LOVED having everyone over for food, gifts, and just plain fun! Sad it's all over but thankful to have everything cleaned up and put away!!! Looking forward to our next get together... hmmm I think someone is turning 45 in a month or so. Just saying...



  1. So wonderful to be together with family! It looks like it was a Christmas to truly remember.


  2. You got some beautiful shots, Sharon! We enjoyed spending time with everyone over Christmas! It was a lot of fun!!

  3. Wow - your family is so photogenic even first thing on Christmas morning! It was my goal too, to get some coffee made before the Littles got up - no such luck! It was DARK when they all rolled out of bed to see what Santa had brought :=)