Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Fun!

EK has been looking forward to Halloween for over a month. As a matter of fact I bought her the cutest Little Mermaid costume back at the beginning of September because she was SURE that was who she wanted to be. Well why in the world did I fall for that??? :)

Over the weeks, she became completely in love with Belle and all she could talk about was getting a beautiful yellow dress to wear for Halloween. I kept reminding her she was going to be Ariel but she was determined to be Belle. Can you believe I took her back to the Disney store to look at the Belle dresses? The dress at the front of the store almost made me pass out... $89.00... I knew we had to get out of there but followed EK around the store until we made it all the way to the back. There on a clearance rack was the 'Last' year Belle dress... $14.99... one dress and EK's size. I snatched it right up and we headed to check out. Done. She would be Belle and oh so happy!


We were so excited to take her trick-or-treating without dodging the rain. We started at Memommy and Pop's house with Max


and then she walked Aunt Susan and Uncle Tony's whole neighborhood with complete joy!!! Gigi went with us, Mill went to the movies with all her friends, and Nan was in Atlanta... We enjoyed a great party at Jason and Amy's house for our Halloween finale. It was a great holiday!!!




  1. What a beautiful Belle she was! Please tell her that William said thanks for his bag of candy (Savannah gave it to him last night). Hope you guys are doing well!

  2. A and A had BOTH planned to be Belle until the last minute!

  3. She looks beautiful! I can't wait to show Olivia!!


  4. Great pics! It was a very fun Halloween!

  5. She was born to be Belle! Absolutely beautiful!

  6. what a major blessing to find that dress for such a bargain! She isw a gorgeous Belle.