Friday, September 25, 2009

The Rain

We had tons of rain Sunday and Monday of which we really needed. A&EK had a ball playing in the giant puddles- all fun and games but not so inside our house. We had two roof leaks, water coming in under our doors and our basement flooded. Luckily it only soaked half the carpet so we pulled it back, tore out the padding, dried it with a giant fan and now need our carpet man to come back out and repair the damage. Needless to say, all the furniture is pushed to my sewing side of the room and no sewing is being done. It will make sewing all the more exciting when everything is back to normal.

Picnik collage




  1. Oh no, so sorry you had to deal with that. At least the girls were able to make the best of it!


  2. The girls obviously had fun in the rain!! how cute. the basement isn't that cute though. :>)