Friday, September 25, 2009

EK's First Field Trip

As I sent EK off to school yesterday, I was so thankful I would be meeting her at Jumpy Jumps here in town for her first field trip. I posted on FB how sick I felt sitting in the parking lot waiting on the bus to arrive with my baby inside. As you can see below, she emerged as 'Miss Big'- the line leader and ready for some fun.


Needless to say they are had a BALL! I could barely get them to stop for a few photos- OK lots!!! They ran and jumped the entire time and were worn completely out when it was time to go.


And yes those are Socks & Crocs... she went to school with her Crocs on but had to wear socks at the jumpy place so she got off the bus wearing both- I thought it was adorable!


All in all it was a very fun trip and when it was time go, I asked EK if she would just like to ride back to school with me to get her things... to which she replied, "No Mom, I think I will ride the bus with my friends." She was the cutest thing walking back to the bus in the line. I guess she is flying, huh?!? :)




  1. What a fun day! Alaina told me today that she likes to ride the bus on "Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and some Fridays!" Isn't it funny that riding the bus is a treat! Ally can't wait - I just think she'll need someone to hoist her up onto that step and the seat!!!

  2. how fun:) She is such a sweet girl.

    About the post below, boy have we had rain too! Raining right now! ugh!

  3. So Ella got to go to Jumpy Jumps after all, yay! I had fun at lunch afterward and thanks again for the cute crayons!

  4. Sweet!! Field trips are the best (especially if Momma gets to go too!)

    Love the socks & crocs!!