Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day Weekend

Our weekend was a really relaxing one for the most part. The girls went on a retreat with their youth group and Sav was away with Josh. That left the Three... and I was not feeling well at all... so that left Two. Scott and EK spent a lot of time together outside in the yard. I had no energy but watched from inside and loved seeing them together! EK would stay outside ALL day if someone would stay out with her and that is pretty much what she was able to do over the weekend. We were all back together on Monday and even though I still was weak, we took our boat for a short while for the last time this summer. We had a ball- the girls rode the tube and Rosie skiied for the first time ever and got right up- it was Awesome!!! The water was soooo cold but not as cold as our pool. Anyway, the boat has been put away for the season and we already look forward to the day we pull it back out!!! Here are a few pics from the weekend!








  1. Looks like an AMAZING weekend..
    I wish we could just live on the water and be in it ALL YEAR ROUND...
    Love the photos .. the girls are all soooo BEAUTIFUL..
    I got Isabella the tea set .. it came today. thank you so much..
    I can't wait for the day she is sitting at the table playing with it..
    Hope you are feeling better.. I have a cold myself..

  2. Your girls are all so gorgeous. But of course, you know that!! Looks like a really fun weekend on the water! Until next year!!

  3. I am so glad you are feeling better. We had a lazy Labor Day here.

    I just hate it when it's time to put the summer things away and cover up the seems like we just started our summer and now it's over.

    But there are lots of things to look forward to. I LOVE fall!!

    Beautiful pictures.