Sunday, March 22, 2009

The New Beginning...

You all probably know I had a traumatic afternoon one day last week when my three blogs were deleted and gone in seconds. I can't even describe the feeling I had but can say, I was devastated!!! I panicked, almost cried, and felt sick. The happy thing about the whole thing was being able to find Blooms & Blessings but unable to go through my dashboard. I desperately began copying every single page into a word document- 1000 pages. It is still out there so that is good!

I could have allowed this to consume me (I haven't slept that well since it happened) but chose to look at it as a fresh start. So... today I start with a new beginning and new family blog: Isn't She Lovely. I have always loved that song and it just fits our family- girls, girls, girls. I look forward to this new journey and pray you are blessed as you read about our lovely beautiful blooms whom God has blessed us beyond belief!!!

ps hope you like the new header. my precious girls let me shoot a few new images today when we got home from church so I could create this new header. Lovely, right???


  1. Oh am I the first to comment? Welcome to your new spot. She is lovely...all of them:) I am sorry you lost the blogs..I know it would upset me too but I am glad that you saved the pages and are starting fresh.


  2. I felt so bad for you.... I am glad you were able to save some of your personal blog. I too would be so upset.
    Your girls are just lovely and your header looks wonderful.
    God's Speed,

  3. I love the new blog name! It suits your family so well. And the header is...well, Lovely! :)


  4. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful, I love your new blog.

  5. it is lovely:)
    I LOVE the name. That song was in my mind ALL last week I have no idea why...