Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Horse Girl

EK is turning four in about 2 weeks. We have planned her party and because she loves horses, she is having a Pony Party and this is the image we used for her invitations. Little does she know, we have a white pony coming named Snowball. We are not telling her so it will be a big surprise. Can't wait to see her face when he pulls up!!! Dread when he has to pull away:(!!!

Saturday night, we went to eat Mexican and one of Amelia's friends was there after a long day at the rodeo. Her horse trailer was out in the parking lot with 3 huge horses inside. I was telling her family how much EK loved horses and they invited her out to pet them. She has never been near a horse and we wondered how she would react- she was not the least bit scared and LOVED them! I didn't have my camera so snapped some shots with my IPhone! She hasn't stopped talking about them yet- can you image how long she will talk about her party???



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