Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I LOVE walking on cool crisp mornings in fall... walking is even better now that EllaKate and I have Amy and Max to go with us! Amy drives over each morning so we can walk on my street where there is no traffic and a few hills. I am so thankful she lives here now and we have become closer friends (even though we are sister-in-laws)!!!

EllaKate was having a few behavior issues when we began walking with Amy about 3 weeks ago. I think she may have been a little jeolous because for so long it has been only us... now she has to share our time. Nothing I did helped- food, milk, toys, books, Leapster... but yesterday, it hit me what would probably work. I don't let her watch much tv at all so when I brought out the portable DVD player with Max and Ruby, you would have thought Santa had just stopped by! I am not kidding, she sat and watched her movie the whole time and we didn't hear a peep out of her. Not sure if this was a good idea but now we walk in peace and we ALL enjoy our walk!!!

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