Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Fiesta Weekend

Fiesta Saturday:
Josh and Savannah came home!!! We were so happy to see them. Amelia invited Chase over (homecoming date) and we all played a little football (I took pics). Later Scott and I prepared a fiesta of fajitas, mexican layer dip, homemade salsa, taco black beans, and spanish rice with lemon cake for dessert. Momma, daddy, Jason, Amy, and baby Max came over to eat and watch the Georgia game. The food was great- the football was NOT!!! We went to bed feeling very blessed to have spent such sweet time together!

We all went to church and out for lunch @ Cateechee. It was a great time together and then back home for more football- the Falcons. They aren't doing much better than GA. Savannah and Josh are on their way back, Scott and Amelia went to play tennis, Rosie is getting ready for youth, and EllaKate is napping. What a relaxing day to work on my blog, scrapbook, and read blogs.

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