Thursday, October 9, 2008

My Brave Girl

Today I took EllaKate for her 3 year checkup and blood work. We received an email last week from our agency advising all families that adopted a baby under 18 months in '06 or '07 to check with their pediatrician for testing concerning the formula issue. I forwarded it to my dr. and she wanted us to come in for a complete workup although we did it when we came home. She did tell me she thinks if EK had any issues related to the formula, it would have shown up developmentally and she is right on... She weighed 30 lbs and 38 inches tall- under 25th percentile for weight and in the 50-75th in height.

EllaKate was just the bravest little girl today. She sat perfectly still while our nurse took 3 vials of blood and didn't so much as whimper. We both got flu shots with just a few tears and then were off to the toy store. I have always taken the girls straight to the toy store when they got shots so today was no different. EllaKate picked out a singing Barbie (which I have told her no to a hundred times :) -she was happy as a lark. I am thankful to have such a conceientious doctor- we have gone to her for 19 years and she is just like one of my best friends- always has time to spend with you and listens to every word you say. That's why I drive 2 hours one way to see her... she's the best!!!

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