Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Homecoming Dance

Our day was so full. Scott and I woke to get a run and walk in because we knew we would need to have plenty of energy for the day. Amelia woke up about 11 and we headed to the hair salon to get her hair done @ noon. Afterwards, I brought EK home for a nap while the girls went to the nail salon. (Girls day out!)

While I was out with Amelia, Scott had been to the nursery to pick up a few plants for our yard. All Amelia's friends were coming over for pictures in our yard so we needed to get a few things planted. We put out a crepe myrtle, azaleas, roses, and 4 beds of pansies (which Scott had to dig and create- now he is shoulder is throbbing) plus all my pots- lots of work but so beautiful!!!

All the kids and families arrived around 6 and we began the grand photo shoot. There were 6 girls and 7 boys. I think we shot for about an hour and fifteen minutes then sent them off to eat at Sibling's- then to the dance. Here are a few of the images I shot- have not been tweeked with PS yet.
Savannah drove home for the day to help get Amelia ready and just be here for this great time! It was so great to have her home but so hard to watch her leave- when will I get over it??? Although she comes home Thursday for a long weekend- fall break!!!
Amelia and Sarah took their flip flops to wear at the dance- who can dance in heels?
And last but definitely not the least... EllaKate was so excited! She loves to dress up so this was so fun for her- she loved seeing everyone all dressed up and excited. Scott and I are always so thankful when all is said and done- Savannah went back to Atlanta, Amelia went to the dance, and Rosemary was at her ballgame- we would be alone if not for EllaKate!!! We are so thankful God gave us another blessing to watch grow up- now where is that little Shaylee???
All the kids came back to the house for food, movies, and a bonfire. The bonfire was the best part of the whole night- they sat out there forever. Some of them even took a dip in our freezing pool then ran back to the fire. Some boys went home around midnight and the other boys went to bed around 2. I am pretty sure the girls were up until 5 dancing and laughing!!! All the girls spent the night upstairs and two of the boys slept over in the guest house. We all got up Sunday and went to church- and you know what??? They all came back home with us, we ordered pizza, and they swam all afternoon. Can you think of a more fun weekend for a bunch of 16 year olds? Needless to say, Scott and I were dead tired last night and so thankful for a great weekend!!!

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