Friday, October 31, 2008


Our church hosted a Fall Festival called Crosswalk last evening where the community was invited to come for games, food, a lighted trail of live scenes from Jesus' life, and trunk-or-treat. It was SO cold!!! The wind was blowing but I don't think the kids knew the difference- they all had a ball. EllaKate dressed up like Cinderella and Max was a pea pod. They were adorable!!! I will post more pages tomorrow of the festivities.

EllaKate waited all day to get dressed and go trick-or-treating. She knew when her dad got home, it would be time. We ate Mexican and then met up with Jason, Amy, and Max in town for a Halloween festival. EllaKate loved playing the games and getting candy.
Amelia & Rosemary went to the ballgame and we took EllaKate trick-or-treating @ Susan & Tony's and my mom and dad's house. By that time, it was late and we needed to get her home to bed. It was a really fun night and she was asleep as soon as she put her head on the pillow.

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