Friday, October 24, 2008

Fun Friday

I was a little sad to look out my kitchen window and see the pool man winterizing and closing the pool. It looks bare out there now... EllaKate was so concerned until I told her we would open it again around her birthday in April... until then, $75.00 saved a week!!!
We have been without heat this whole week and it has been COLD each morning. We have an old system and the workers have been searching for a part from a company that still carries them. They found one and will install on MONDAY or TUESDAY... at first I thought that was terrible, but then looked for a silver lining- here it is...

... we built a fire last night and again this morning- what could be better than huddling close to the fire all day with EllaKate while it rains all day. What's better than that? When everyone gets home to huddle around the fire... maybe Family Game Night is in order- that hasn't happened in a while! I think I may spend some time making more of these... THANKS Lynn!!!

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