Thursday, September 4, 2008

Thankful Thursday

Today I count 3 blessings I am thankful for:
1. I am so thankful for my sister and her family. When she comes home, we all get so excited!!!

I love you and miss you beyond measure!!!

2. I am so thankful Jason and Amy moved to Hartwell. I love living so close to them and running over to hold Max whenever I want!!! Amy and I enjoyed a delicious lunch together and just hung out! Life is good!!! Jason and Amy are the best first time parents ever!!!
3. I am so thankful to be home with EllaKate each day to teach and watch her learn new things each day- I don't want to miss out on a thing!!! EK got these scissors in happy meal and you should have seen her eyes when she saw them. We came home and began scissor instruction immediately... she did great!!!

Concentrating so hard!!!

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