Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Big Day

We are off the Anderson today to meet up with two friends with Chinese daughters- Deb & Li LI and Lynn & Olivia. Deb is doing a photo shoot with the girls and Lynn (Livi Lu)is bringing her cute creations for them to wear!!! I am just the assistant to the photographer and seamstress. Seriously I am sooooooooooooooo excited to see them and enjoy the miracle of our girls! I will post pics when I get home this afternoon. Today is a big day- A has a cross country meet and R has a football game. EK is along for the ride and S is right her in my heart- miss you sweet girl!!!

Have a blessed day everyone and if you are reading this post, please post a comment and let me hear from you- I have been checking and see there are tons of hits but hardly any comments. I would really love to hear from my friends out there!!!

Today was a very happy day. EllaKate got to spend time with two friends, Li Li and Olivia. Deb was the official photographer and you can tell from the slideshow, she's serious about it. Lynn was the official clothing designer and can I just say, "I love her creations @ Livi Lu!!!" Ian came along to be his mom's competent assistant!

We drove to a great spot by the lake and I shot about 325 images and Deb shot over 500. The girls were so agreeable and looked adorable. We changed them into 2 outifts for the shoot and even changed their hair. At one time, Deb told EllaKate to sit down on the ground and EK looked at me with the most puzzling look as if to ask, "Is it ok Mom?"- and you should have seen her face when Deb asked her to lie down on the ground- oh my. I don't think she has really ever lain on the ground for fear of ant bites. She loved it!!!

I had a great day because I spent time with Deb whom I haven't seen for weeks and I met a new friend, Lynn. We had a ball watching our girls run around and love being together. We had a great lunch and parted ways. I didn't want our day to end but just want to say how thankful I am for the time we shared and the friendship we nurtured!!! Can't wait to hang out with you girls again soon!!!

Looking for beautiful clothing for your beautiful little beauty- pop over to Lynn's site, Livi Lu and take a look @ her creations!!! I have my order in so be sure to check it out. Looking for an amazing photographer to capture precious moments, check out Deb's sites and make an appt with her too. Hope everyone enjoys our LivivLu Beauties!!!

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