Saturday, September 13, 2008

Scarecrow Sam

Today EllaKate and I had to run to Ingles for a few things to take on our trip. When we went in, there were fall things all around. We made our way through the store and made it to check out just to find little scarecrows just her size. This happens to be one of her favorite sayings, "That's just my size"- so how could I say no when she asked to take one home. While scanning him, I asked her what she was naming him and without one moment's hesitation, she said, "Scarecrow Sam!". I just had to laugh:)! I had to shoot a few shots of them when we got home. I was afraid she wouldn't understand that he needed to stand outside by the door, but she didn't argue with me and now he keeps watch by our side door- Watch out Crows!!!

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