Sunday, September 14, 2008

Momentum Youth Retreat

Rosemary's Hartwell FMC youth group went on a retreat this weekend up to the Athens Y camp. Scott, myself, and EllaKate went as adult leaders. We left Friday after school, stopped on the way up for dinner, and made it just before dark. We checked in and took our stuff to the cabin- 6 bunkbeds, 2 showers, 2 toilets, and open windows with screens- no air. It was pretty rustic but perfect for a retreat! Scott and EK went straight to the lake to throw rocks and see the ducks and dogs.

We were up until about 11:30 each night and EK usually crashed during the worship time. She slept with me both nights in her own sleeping bag- she thought that was the greatest! We didn't get much sleep but it was all good- the girls in our cabin had a ball!!! Here are some pics of worship time which included a band, a crazy skit, a worship speaker, and fun games! We had lots of kids give their lives to Christ and rededicate last night during the worship time. They were challenged to go back to their schools and be 'different' as lights for Christ. The thing that struck me the most was a statement made last night... "Everything we do is worship and a witness of our love for Christ: our talk, our clothing, our music, our books we read, the way we use of time..."- that really got me thinking! I am praying that each one of these girls and boys will live OUT LOUD for Christ like never before!!!

During the worship times, EllaKate and I sat out on the wrap-around porch surrounding the lodge. We could hear and see everything that went on but she could move around a little more. I had bought some really great Kumon books (suggestion from Deb) for us to use for school and I took them with us. EllaKate LOVES them and I was trying to have her complete only one per book: coloring, cutting, and pasting... but she wanted to keep working- how could I tell her no? We did about 10 pages in each book and I just saw on the Target website, there are sequels to each of them. What's the worst thing that could happen? I have to rebuy them and let her do them all again- Is that so bad? I think she has asked to do school about 1000 times this weekend :)!!!

The Y camp had tons of activities for the kids. First of all if they were going to participate in any water sports, they had to take a swim test and put a bracelet on their arm. They could go off the diving boards, down a VERY long water slide, jump from a 3 story platform, or take a ride in the canoes. Other things included a tall climb up the ropes tower and then zip swing down, paint ball archery, crawdad hunting, ropes course... and more that I can't remember. The kids loved it!

We got back home about lunch time so the kids could catch a ride home with their parents leaving church. We picked up lunch, unpacked and started a ton of laundry, and now everyone is napping except the official blogger of the house. I just had to get this posted and then catch up on my blog friends out there. Happy Sunday!!!

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