Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Is there anyone out there going through Olympics withdrawal like me? I feel like I did when we returned home from China- so sad to not be there anymore. These past weeks I have felt like I was back in China each night as we sat and watched the various events. I LOVED seeing all the places we visited in Beijing and I LOVED seeing the people of China (EllaKate's birth country). EllaKate loved watching it too. If we turned on the tv and the Olympics were on, EllaKate would say, "China is on. I was a baby in China." Because of all the times I have shown her our albums from China, she often called out the places she recognized- very often she made me gasp that she would know a place. Watching each night gave us many opportunities to talk about China and how we came to get her. We have talked about her getting a mommy and a daddy, about the nannies that took care of her until we got there, about the orphanage where she lived, and why she wasn't in certain pictures- she would say, "I'm not in that one; you hadn't got me yet." Out of the mouths of babes. Conversation is good and has really opened up the channels of communication on EllaKate's adoption and how she came to be my precious little baby girl!!! What a complete blessing she is to each of our lives!!!

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