Sunday, August 24, 2008

Playing the Rain

When we walked this am, we felt a few sprinkles so EllaKate went right in to get her 'ambrella'. It never rained again until we were on the way home from the grocery store and when we got home, EK wanted to go out. It wasn't storming so while she played I shot about 75 pics (that is crazzy)!!! She started out in her flip flops and before you know it...

She had gone into the garage to get her rainboots. By this time, the rain was coming down pretty hard and there were lots of puddles just right for jumping. It lasted about 15 minutes and she was soaked by the time I MADE her come in for a nap. She went to sleep hoping it would still be raining when she awoke-not gonna happen- the sun in back out. Hopefully we will have lots of rain over the next few days!!!

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