Sunday, June 1, 2008

Our Weekend

Our weekend was so fun. Scott had been looking @ golf carts for a while and received a call about one they had gotten in. He and Jeff rode down to take a look and guess what they came home with? You guessed it... the girls rode in it the whole weekend when we were home. We enjoyed a wonderful visit with Josh on Saturday too. We went to the lake, played the Wii, grilled hamburgers, and made homemade ice cream- YUM!!!

On Sunday, we were so busy. After church, we ate lunch and went to Rosemary's piano recital. It was a very surreal experience because I took lessons from the same teacher and was always so nervous when I played for the recital. Rosemary wasn't really nervous and played beautifully. We then went to our youth minister's baby shower and then to youth Swim Sundays party. EllaKate didn't really care that much about the pool, she played on the swing the whole time!!!

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